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Saturday, October 28, 2006



Commenter above asked regarding healthcare, gun control,education and solution to Iraq..As find am inclined in the "centrist" position and much of the original post find greater degrees of aggreement..regarding education...think it is too short shrifted and consequently detrimental to the well being of this nation and its future and confounded as to why not so recognized nor truly addressed. A higher education is/has become prohibitvely too costly where a recent poli-toon noted "IF had the $$$ to pay for college, would NOT need college.." rang too true for too many. Helath care is exhorbitant in cost and more UN-accessible to many making even the touted "advancements" of little worth for out of "price range" too often. We all benefit when sharing the burdons folks...we all suffer when disportionately meted out and the divide between haves/have nots widens..perversely and detrimentally to all. As for that "gun control"...We have been shown to be THE MOST VIOLENT nation..rare is it of NECESSITY to hunt for our vittles and even more strange, the so call "need" to excuse the use of using something like an AK47 to take out the animal life in the name of being a "sportman"...We bemoan the shootings and killings and etc but a segment says if NOT for THEIR gun ownership , THEY would be more or even most vulnerable...never seeing the corrolation between the easy proliferation of guns in various hands and even bemoaning and deriding background checks to at least eliminate some with tendencies that should make gun ownership prohibited for mere common sense reasons. Find repulsive the "fear tactical" to attempt to excuse and legitimize the rationale that anyone who WANTS a gun of ANY caliber should be so allowed, find that mentality rather irrational and semi deranged at best. Time for us to make some PROGRESS towards becoming TRULY civilized and recognize too in the process, that there are alternatives to finding and employing solutions which do NOT have to involve a physically violent activity. IF the proclivity to subdue the tendency to use ANY means to achieve an objective is not curtailed, it is massive retro grading and signifies we may be just too stupid to actually learn much of ANYTHING and fractured factions will roil on .

Christopher LeJeune

What about universal health care? Gun control? Universal education? What would you offer as a solution to Iraq?

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