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Monday, January 22, 2007



I appreciate your thoughts and the time you have taken to write them an get them out to the public. I hope it will have a positive effect on our foreign policies now and in the future.
That said I have to say you and I inhabit very different worlds.
I for one fought against the Vietnam war an am still a far leftest for you. After I saw the chemical warfare films during the vietnam war I nearly went out of my mind with greif. Even though I am opposed to violent solutions for resolving conflits I was ready at that time to take up arms aginst the American government.It was impossible for me to come to terms with that I was by the mere fact of birth associated with that horrible criminal war of aggression against the people of Vietnam. How do you stop your own government from committing crimes agianst humanity ?
I grew up in the worst ghetto of America in the most brutal of circumstances . I experienced and witnessed terrible violence everyday of my childhood therefore I can not abide by anyone causing unnecessary hurt and suffering ,least of all myself.
I now live in France and am a sucessful artist. My success comes from my ability to be my worst critic.
So a nation that wishes to survive and be a modele to the world should be humble and it's own worst critic. But what do we find in America? A hubris of pride that is at it's best blinding and at it's worst complete arrogance. American nationalism must stop.It has once again blined the population and this is one of the reason we are again involved another tragic and unjust war.
I am not proud to be an American neither am I ashamed.( when the french critize the states if I think what they are saying is true I agree, if not I disagree) I have learned some great things in the states and have brought them to share with the French. The French have taught me a great deal and have enriched my life in ways that would not be possible had I stayed in the states. If I were one of these flag waving nationalist I would have been too blind and defensive to fully experiece the educational treasures of this dynamic and exciting country.
My battles are now trying to do my part to save the planet.
We may need five plantets in the very near future to sustain the American way of life. The consequences of environmental degradation I fear are going to make Irak look like a cake walk.

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