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Sunday, October 22, 2006



I especially enjoyed your article on "Why Can't we all Get Along." It was one of the most insightful I have ever seen and I thank you for the good read.

What you have left out though, is the concept of "exclusive salvation." Something foreign to Buddists, Hindus and Jews. Christianity, for example, feels that it holds the "key" to heaven thru the acceptance of Jesus, thus sending 67 percent of the entire world into hell. What a burden to believe that there isn't a way for the righteous of other faiths to make it to heaven! If there is a word to be spread - the fact that ALL good people can get to heaven is the message! And that my friend, is one of the reasons why we can't all get along.


But found "you" recently, or at least this blog and find a strong kinship with what you write/bog on ...Think the TRUE majority are neither whacked LEFT nor righteously RIGHT and most of us DO reside in a centristical positioning...The thoughts expressed in regards to "religiosity" and how it has been playing is rather right on the mark once again. Of late, with OUR homeland seemingly so detremently divided with rants and raves and varous declarations that one or another has THE true "take" on God and what the ALmighty proscribes..well, just ain't so and most of us in our own true beingnessing realize it ....Keep sharing puh-leeze...you bolster our hope and realizations that we, individual are NOT all that "alone" in what we too have discerned.


Dear Jma,

I ve been reading your posts on HuffPo, and I find them great.

I know you re speaking the truth, because a friend of mine from Nebraska was a gunner in Ramadi till last june.

He used to say exactly what you say.

I don t post much on HuffPo because I m french and many Americans think it s not appropriate for a foreigner to comment. That is why I came here to write to you.

I think your posts on HuffPo are really great. Clear, honest, frank. And you re speaking the truth.

People there don t answer to you. Perhaps they don t feel at ease, knowing what you ve been through while we were comfortably enjoying our consumer societies. Personally, I ve been feeling very guilty very often. I can t stand filling the tank of my car, I can t help thinking about the American blood mixed with the gas.

Also you re speaking frankly, saying that the Iraqis are lazy people. I know about that, leaving in pinko France where there are about 10 millions Muslims living on the welfare state. But the lib and dem at HuffPo consider that it s racist to say the iraqis are lazy guys. My friend in Nebraska said exactly the same. He said that they were sitting on their asses smoking their huka pipes all day long, while the women and kids were working in the fields. He said that if they got jobs they wouldn t have so much time messing around with IEDs.

So I know you re right. I want to thank you for your courage. I want to thank you for speaking out the truth. I want to thank you for your sacrifice.

I loathe Bush who s sent so many wonderful young guys like you to war, where some lost so much, and all this for oil !

And I really hope you won t ever enlist again and that you ll be happy and fine now.

Take great care of you.
Thank you.
Love from francoise

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