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Thursday, November 23, 2006


miss alex emily

hi! my daddy told me about your blog! its really great, ive been trying to keep up. i just wanted to say that i agree with your thoughts on inescapable materialism and paring down to the best of my ability. i mean, my experience was very different. i went to live with a family in italy; i did not get thrust into a war zone. however, somehow, my experience was very similar in its simplicity. i went away for six months with two suitcases. i spent the last six weeks with one duffel bag. when my parents came to visit in april, i expected to have a three-mile long list of things i needed and missed from america. in the end, i asked for a pair of jeans (after four months away from american excess, the ones i had brought were mostly too big), a spring jacket to replace my winter coat, and oatmeal cookies from the rise above bakery. i could live the rest of my life without the closetful of clothes i left behind, yet when i came home, i couldnt bring myself to donate more than three bagfuls. its really hard to get away without physically leaving.

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